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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Mammoth Cloning? - It Might Just be possible.

 It’s 2018 and World is already Changing, New Technologies is taking place in the market. Have you ever heard about Cloning?? Of Course, you’ve Watched Jurassic Park How they bring back dinosaurs with just a drop of blood of a mosquito.

If you don’t Know Cloning is an Actual Thing Scientists Can actually Clone  your  dog     for
100,000$.So, If You Have a Dead Dog whom you loved The most and if your dog doesn’t feel so good (Infinity war reference XP). You can go to These Scientists, and they can clone your dog. Your dog might not be the same dog, but his habits and looks will be the same.

 Enough about that let’s talk about how we close we are from woolly mammoth cloning. In 2013 amazingly preserved woolly mammoth was found frozen in Siberia after 39,000 years. Scientists think she got stuck in a swamp and died over 39,000 years ago.

   They’ve found blood and muscle tissues of this creature. Hope is that we might clone woolly mammoth and bring back this extinct species. Harvard University scientists George church and his team has The DNA of This Beast and they are analysing it ever since. He thinks that merging Woolly mammoth’s DNA with Regular elephant’s genes they Might just create a Hybrid.

   He Believes That in Just 2 years of Ratio he can grow a Woolly mammoth and elephant hybrid with an artificial womb. And if Cloning would be successful then, Species Would be taken to Pleistocene Park, a 20,000-hectare zone in the furthest stretches of remote Siberia, currently being developed by Russian scientists in a bid to recreate an Ice Age ecosystem.

   Director of this park and scientist Nikita ZImov Explains that By the Time mammoths Would be Cloned, They’ll Have a system Where Mammoths could eat Shrubs, break down shrubs. They can eat grass, and they can make a habitable Environment for this species.

  A South Korean biotech firm says it’s well on its way to cloning a whole mammoth. What they are trying to do is find a perfect cell from that mammoth and take DNA out and put it into an elephant egg. It’s Really Fragile. There are so many technological hurdles that have not yet been cleared.

Why are we doing this?

   The Answer is Simple Just out of curiosity Take Going to the moon as an example. For me, Building A mammoth or other extinct animals Is Not that Important. What is important is that how we can Use this breakthrough technology to other purposes. And what would that make?

   It was a Small Article I Know. But, if I’ve Gone in depth, you wouldn’t have been Here. I summarised Whole Mammoth Cloning Research in a small Article So That You Can know where we are in this field and is it possible or not. I Think We are Really Close to cloning a mammoth We have Blood samples, tissues and a lot more if we make Enough effort We can Actually build a mammoth. Maybe in the next decade!!

That’s it for Today Guys Hope You Liked this article. Stay tuned for more. Then keep fascinating yourself!

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