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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Scientists Successfully Uploaded worm Brain Into a Robot - and It Worked!!

   What If You Could Live Forever? What If You Had Access To Unlimited Memory?  Well Actually This Might Be the Scenario of Our Future…Russian Entrepreneur Dmitry Liskov has an The idea of Turning Human Brain into Digitized Numbers. So That It Could be uploaded into a robot Or a Machine.

   Our Brain Is Nothing But a Web Of Neurons and Electrical Signals. And If We Could Learn to Catalogue these Then, In theory, you could Upload someone’s mind into a computer, allowing them to live forever as a digital form of consciousness, Just Like Johnny depp in film Transcendence.

   It Might just be Possible, but It's Way Too Hard To Become a reality We are still Far Behind That international  team  of researchers managed to  Digitize the brain of a roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans.

  A Project Called OpenWorm mapped all the Connections between the worm’s 302 neurons and managed to simulate them in software, they successfully uploaded the brain of a worm into a computer. We now can simulate a worm in a computer. The goal of this team was to completely replicate this worm as a Virtual Organism. But Wait This Is Not all, they managed to simulate its brain and then uploaded it into a Lego robot, and it worked!!!

    This Lego robot had all the parts That a C.elegans has, a sonar sensor which acts as its nose, and for movements there’re motors. And How Fascinating is that without any Instructions being programmed into that robot, Amazingly the C.elegans virtual brain Controlled and moved that Lego robot.

It is claimed that the robot behaved in ways that are similar to observed C. elegans. Stimulation of the nose stopped forward motion. Touching the anterior and posterior touch sensors made the robot move forward and back accordingly. Stimulating the food sensor made the robot move forward.   - Lucy black

   But, Brain Simulation still isn’t Exact. They Had to First Simplify a particular process that triggers an artificial Neuron to fire. The Project is Still Active, and you can explore That Worm’s Body and Brain on Their Website. ( 

  Many Brilliant Scientists are now working out How to map all the connections of a human brain. Which is called connectome. we still are way behind that Discovery but just a thought of that thrills me that we actually can simulate a living Creature in our computers.

  This is For Today Guys Thank you for reading my article. Comment if you have Any Thoughts About this amazing Discovery.till then Good Byee!!

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