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Tuesday, March 19, 2019


"You Can't Engineer a Relationship". I thought This was a total lie. I Mean how hard it could be to make someone fall in Love with you, right?. All you have to do is look handsome/beautiful and talk to that person everyday care for them, .and hope they would do the same for you. Well, That's not correct. LOVE is Not Something You can engineer or plan. It's Something that happens Randomly. I realised it because of the recent experience of mine. I've Done stalking, talking and most importantly, caring. I loved her Unconditionally. Though I never told her, I love her, but I know she knew that I had a crush on her. But, she didn't do anything about it, and I got my Answer. We Shared a lot of great moments together. since we were best friends, we were pretty close. But let me tell you a Secret Doesn't Matter how close you are with a person digitally. It can't be the same as being close Physically. and that was my first Mistake making her fall in love with me. I wasn't there with her Physically. Though, we talked Everyday online. she shared everything with me...But it's not the same.

           When you fall in one-sided love with Someone. You get this superpower of knowing everything that another person is doing and what she's going to do and what's happening in her life. In what she's good at, What she likes, what she does, how she is. You get all the answers to these Questions. Even If you don't want. Even at a Point, you start predicting what's Going to happen in her life!! and YES I predicted Something, and it turned out to be true. In September 2018, I was frustrated. Headaches, Tired, Depressed, Sleepless nights. These are the symptoms of Destruction. If you have these Please Leave the person who's the reason behind these Or else you'll Experience Hell on earth. We were having a fight about this guy she was talking to. She was ignoring me every day because of him. Even though they weren't together. I Started Thinking!! it was 4AM in the morning and I Predicted that by January That guy would be her boyfriend. And Yes That Asshole Proposed her on 2nd January, and She didn't say NO. It's Awesome How you get the superpower of seeing someone's Future, and I saw it that morning, and it wasn't right. I had one Disadvantage, and it was that I couldn't meet her every day. And That guy met her everyday Since they Went college Together. 

People say Overthinking is terrible. I think people are Over-rated. I mean You have this Amazing power of thinking about everything, and you Don't Use it? What Kind of Stupidity is that? I think Overthinking is a Superpower We all have, and Only a Few of us knows about This. Try to Control it. Instead of not using it.

Anyways, Let's get to our main point or Should I say Pain point. When I Found Out about them. It was a Shock. I didn't know what to feel anymore. I mean should I feel sad because she was With him or do I Feel Happy and amazing That I predicted future and it turned out to be true. It was a Painful truth. I wish I were Wrong. All those efforts and Time wasted on her, I felt Regret. Instead of Impressing her late nights. I should've Used that energy Doing Something important. But everything happens for a reason. I got this amazing ability to think through things. I realised you can't make someone fall in love with you if you are already in love with them. You Lose your self-respect and also self-esteem. The era of Destruction starts. Something I realised emotional pain is equivalent to Physical Pain. You bear the same pain you do as a physical accident. It is the same right? But it Also Heals Eventually, if you consider bandaging. If you get Wounded Physically, you apply a bandage on it, and you try to ignore that wound. Initially, it would hurt Because it's Fresh. But As time goes by, that wound will start healing. Same Goes for Emotional Pain. You ignore the things that Hurt, on a Very high level. For example, you loved someone, and They didn't love you back. Please, Don't waste your energy on that Person Leave them. Ignore the Fact that they even exist. It'll hurt for a few days, but Time will Heal your Emotional Pain.

I Believe if you Believe in your Self, then you don't need anybody to complete You!!. But Love is like a Drug you do it one time you wanna do it again and again. And that's True. But keep your Self Distracted with other things. Explore the World Meet people, make friends and move on. Remember it's always hard at first. Eventually, you'll be fine as long as you're doing something Important in your Life. The person you are looking for is Looking for you right now and Eventually you guys Will meet someday. Start exploring!!.

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