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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Science vs GOD! Are they any Different?

  Humans are reasoning Social animals, Our Whole Community Started with Reasons and causes. We needed answers to every Question, but we didn't know how to ask them to others; hence, we started communicating with each other via different languages. We updated our self from wild animals eating anything they see to the Community of Disciplinarians. But without Hope, We might still be wild animals. The idea of GOD gave us Hope that Someone is Watching Over us and controlling the environment around us. Praying gave people inner peace, which leads us to Discipline. We started caring for others.


Science began with astronomical discoveries like in 1054s Various early astronomers observe the supernova, later correlated to the Crab Nebula. Newton gave us the Laws of Gravity, Einstien gave us a Quick look of how we observe time and Stephen Hawking gave us The Theory of Everything. We never stopped exploring. Science is Everywhere!

   Hope and Reasoning these are our two and only Superpowers. We Achieved a lot of achievements with these. God gave us hope that if we screw up, there is someone who will take care of us. GOD Removed the fear in all of us. We build Buildings to have hope and to praise God, but The word 'GOD'  also came with a lot of Drawbacks. We now have thousands of religions. People Fighting for Religions, Terrorists calling them the Dicisoners of JUSTICE. Killing people in the name of Religion. Instead of helping poor with their daily needs, we waste our food and money on religions. We expanded the Word 'GOD' Soo much that Thousands of people are in Fear that if they don't Donate anything in the temple or if they don't waste their food on Stupid rituals they'll pay for their sins. Which is very very Wrong Idea people are having about GOD.So yes, Hope is Important, and having Faith in GOD is okay, but having blind faith is wrong.

    Same goes for Science we have achieved a lot of achievements. We can fly now. I  can go to any place on earth within 24 hours. We are exploring space around us. We are 5 years away from stepping a foot on Mars. The technological era has begun. Devices are becoming wireless. Humans are already becoming cyborgs by attaching a little tool called 'Smartphone' to themselves. Which is not wrong but Technology has taken drastic acceleration in the last decade. We are inventing new things every day. Artificial intelligence is Stealing our Jobs. But it is also Helping us understand the science behind biology, computers and many more fields of science. The singularity is near, Many scientists believe we will hit singularity very soon.

I Don't know if GOD exists or not, but I'm sure It could not be any Different then a Curious Scientist in a lab Hoping to create a perfect World!!  


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