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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Time travel | Solving Mysteries behind these stories (An adventure series)

Time Travel. Just the name is enough to get you excited. It's 2019, and we still have no clue of if time travel is possible or not. Many Scientists have tried their best on proving this phenomenon and many came up with their time travel theory, but all of them have proven wrong. Well not entirely wrong, time travel in the future is actually possible. Thanks to Albert Einstien who gave us the theory of special relativity, Which says that if you travel at the speed of light or nearly at the speed of light in a space ship the time inside that ship would literally move slower than the time around that ship. So this way, time traveling in the future was possible in theory. Of course, no ship has ever reached near the speed of light. Fastest man-made object ever was helio 2, which achieved a whopping speed of 157078 miles per hour. But still, this is just 0.02% of the speed of light.so the question is, is time travel possible, is there any time travel proof??

On the other hand, time travel in the past is a bit of a mystery. Every year dozens of conspiracies take place about time travel, how a man out of our time was spotted or something weird about time machine was happening etc. We can't say they are wrong or either we can't know if they are right, It's just a conspiracy. If you don't know, let me tell you about an experiment that Stephen Hawking did to know if time travelers are real or not. In 2009, Hawking threw a party for these fellow time travelers, he didn't send out any invitations until after the reception has passed. Painfully, no-one came.

The invitation was written as below.

You are cordially invited to a reception for time travelers hosted by Professor Stephen Hawking,To be held in the past, at the University of Cambridge Gonville & Caius College, Trinity Street, Cambridge.No RSVP required.

This invitation also included the latitude and longitude and the date of 28 June 2009.

Of course, just because no-one came doesn't mean time travel is not possible. Many theories prove time travel. Like multiverse theory, it says there are many universes like us but with a bit of a difference. This way, all you have to do is to enter a universe where the time is exactly where you want to be, and everything is almost the same as our universe. So maybe time travelers went into another world, not ours, Who knows.

Time travel in the past is a little hard, Because of paradoxes like the grandfather paradox. This paradox says that. Let's assume you can travel in time and you go back in time where your grandfather hasn't met your grandmother. You prevent them from ever meeting with each other. This way Your father wasn't born, and if your father doesn't exist, you wouldn't exist. So at this time, what would be your position? .Would you get erased from existence? Or would you stay the same? The multiverse theory solves this paradox but also explains that you can't change your past. It's all a mess!!

This concept has been wandering in my head for quite a while now. So I thought why don't I use this excitement to solve some of these conspiracies. So I've decided I'll be starting an article series of these time travel conspiracies and try to solve them. We'll see how far we can go and try to solve this time travel mystery. I'll be releasing 3 articles every week. Each with a different story, we'll see if any of them connect or not. Can we actually track a time traveler throughout the time or not. 

Fasten your seat belts because this adventure is going to be an awesome one. My first article on this series will be releasing this Thursday(06/06/2019). Don't miss it!!

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