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Sunday, July 14, 2019

How much realistic is Iron man(Tony Stark)?

Since 2008 Tony Stark AKA Iron Man has been a sophisticated and entertaining Character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Introduced its Cinemetric Universe with Iron man, and that was the best Decision they ever made. Marvel has always been accurate in showing the technology and the events that happen in their movies, and iron man is a perfect example of that. They introduced us to a man who was narcissist, careless and Above all amazingly Smart. Tony Stark is a billionaire, Playboy, and philanthropist, with his incredibly advanced AI(Artificial Intelligence) JARVIS, tony stark beats all of his problem in just a snap of his fingers(Endgame reference). So today we are going to have a look at this fantastic character and see how scientifically realistic is tony stark. We will be discussing the technology he uses in all the movies he has been and how he solves his problems.

In the first Iron Man movie which was released in 2008, Iron man was introduced. I'll assume that you are a fan of Superheros, so you know who is Iron man and what is his Story. I'll be breaking down some of the scenes of this movie to let you know how much realistic they are and if tech like that is possible in real life or not.

Is arc reactor possible in real life?

At the beginning of the movie, Tony gets kidnaped by terrorists. They ask him to build the Jericho missile. Instead of doing what terrorists told him to do, With the help of Dr. Ho yensen, he starts building a weapon which helps him escape that cave. In this process, he made a power source called arc reactor. This piece of technology was initially designed by his father, Howard Stark. With a massive power output of 8 gigajoules per second, Tony designed and developed a suit which then uses the energy of the arc reactor.

Let's see what we know about arc reactor from movies 1, and 2.The full sized arc reactor looks a lot like a toroidal "Tokomak" plasma containment system for standard "hot fusion."ITER uses similar technology to build a fusion reactor. This reactor is under construction and is planned to be the first fusion reactor large enough to produces net gain energy. So simply what this reactor does is that it smashes two isotopes of hydrogen, deuterium, and tritium with each other, by applying extremely high energy so that they combine and become one atom. The resulting atom is helium and a free neutron; both have less mass than initially smashed atoms, deuterium, and tritium. Missing mass gets converted into energy. The energy produced can be captured as heat to run a traditional steam- driven turbine. Arc reactor also has the copper wire wrapped around the circle. The purpose of this wire is to create a magnetic field to keep the charged particles inside the circle. Inside the arc reactor, there are charged particle moving at rapid speed, which makes them high energy particles. The chance of two particles colliding becomes higher so when they collide energy is released. This wasn't a working arc reactor but a reactor that uses similar technology to produce energy. The main problem is to contain the plasma created by the colliding, Somehow tony stark and his father found out a way to contain this plasma and generate electrical energy and stop the heating. So, I would say with the combination of a fusion reactor expert and an electrical engineer to work on this; it's likely to be built in real life

In short: Highly Possible

Iron Man Suit (A highly advanced exoskeleton) 

You would probably think that the suit of tony stark is made of metal since he is "Iron" Man. But you are absolutely wrong. At the end of the first iron man movie, Tony made it clear that The suit is not made of Iron, It is made of Gold-titanium alloy. Iron is Extremely heavy and dense material, it rusts very quickly, and it is not as strong as some of its alloys, such as steel.

The ideal combination to use for a suit would be nickel-titanium; it is an alloy of titanium. It is very strong and impressively resistant to heat. It has 'Healing' Property, which means It can deform at specific temperatures, but it can also reacquire its original shape once heated beyond the ‘transformation temperature.’

Now let's talk about the transformation of the suit and the flexibility of the suit. Tony uses small mechanical parts and then with the help of his virtual assistant(JARVIS). He assembles all the pieces together to build a fully functioning suit. The Suit is designed to use the energy of the arc reactor. Mini mechanical parts are better for flexibility. It is a lot easier with a highly intelligent virtual assistant like JARVIS.JARVIS helps tony design the suit and build a perfect suit for battle. On the other hand, Tony is a brilliant guy; he freakin build a suit and an arc reactor to get out of that cave. With this duo, it was in fact destined to create history like that.

In short: Possible

Advanced AI like JARVIS

JARVIS is Virtual personal assistant of tony stark. In the first movie, pepper told Christine that JARVIS runs the whole house.JARVIS Understands Humor and Human nature. Tony has perfected the natural language processing in JARVIS. Let's understand the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness. Artificial Intelligence is an advanced technique by which machines can learn certain areas and achieves expertise in it. IBM Watson is an excellent example of artificial intelligence, The Watson supercomputer processes at a rate of 80 teraflops to replicate or surpass a high-functioning human's ability to answer questions, it has access to 90 servers with a linked data store of over 200 million pages of information, it processes its answer by following six million logic rules. But still, Watson is nowhere near to what JARVIS can do. Consciousness is self-awareness of an organism, we can have thoughts about our thoughts, for example, let's assume I have a problem, and I'm worried about it, even though I know I'm worried I would get more worried by having the thought that I'm worried, and this is called consciousness. We have control over our head we can think anything we want; we have desires, goals, and emotions(Which makes us feel alive).JARVIS is the mixture of consciousness and artificial intelligence the fact that it understands the nuance that happens around it is impressive. It has access to almost every information on earth, and he has a hint of human consciousness, which makes JARVIS the most advanced Artificial intelligence in the world.

To build an AI like JARVIS, we would need extreme knowledge about psychology and how our consciousness works, what makes us the US. Why do we feel like we want to live? What is our Purpose? You would have to experiment on your self, how you think, how you work, and why you do what you do. Psychology is the study of thoughts and consciousness, and also you would need to expertise on artificial intelligence(how machines learn). Combine both, and you might get what you ordered!!

In Short: AI like this is Rare, and it's really difficult to build(But not Impossible)

With the estimated IQ of 270 tony stark already beats the real-life geniuses like Einstien and Da vici. Tony Stark has an amazing journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The incident in the cave alerts him to take the right path and choose the purpose of his life. He has been challenged by many supervillains and even superheroes. But he never gave up, Tony learns from his mistakes and he improves his every move. Recently tony made the mad titan with three infinity stones in his hand bleed, which shows how incredibly awesome he is, no wonder he is my favorite superhero.

Chances of we having a superhero like tony stark is rare, but not impossible. We just need a billionaire who is more passionate about science (Just like Elon Musk) than any other businessmen out there.


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  2. The Iron man armor worn by Robert Downey Junior looks more realistic than the comic book version. In the Iron man movie, the armor looks like a full body casing with advanced hinges at the joints, rivets & the works.

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